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Three conditions that must be possessed by pets

As the most popular member of modern family life, pets are widely pursued. In the process of getting along with pets, people gradually discover the infinite benefits that pets bring to humans. Modern life is fast-paced, the younger generation is under great pressure, and there is no time to accompany the children. The elderly also seem lonely and helpless. "Ding Chong", "Dink" and "empty family" have appeared in the world, reflecting the strange circle of modern society from the side, and can not deny the benefits that pets bring to humans in this environment. Pets have the advantages of cultivating children's love and stimulating children's sense of responsibility; they can satisfy the love of "Dink" parents' love "child"; they can alleviate the emotions of young people in complex social activities; to some extent, they replace children as parents. "Relieve the loneliness of the elderly." But we can't keep pets blindly, just because of our own needs, regardless of the mood of the pet.

The first point is the mentality: no matter what we do, we pay attention to the mentality, and the mentality determines the success or failure of things. The same is true for pets. We can't just keep pets for the trend and fun. When you identify a pet, it is already a member of your family life. For its daily life, you have to pay special attention to it. After all, pets are animals, and it needs more care and attention.

Adequate patience: When the pet comes to the new home, he thinks the owner has a responsibility. In addition to bringing joy to people, pets also bring a series of "troubles." In urban life, more people choose dogs as pets, because of its loyalty, and secondly because it is smart and easy to train. According to research, the IQ of a dog is equivalent to a 4-year-old child. Dogs need to spend more energy in their daily lives, first of all, cleaning problems, taking a shower on time in summer, taking care of hair too long, paying attention to cleanliness at home, trimming nails, etc. during the hair-changing season; secondly, safety issues Before you go out, you should bring your mouthpieces to prevent people from getting around. You should vaccinate regularly every year. Finally, the problem of dogs going to the toilet. For the health of the family and the elegance of the family environment, the owner will teach the dog how to be correct. It is a very troublesome process to go to the toilet. Under normal circumstances, it takes about one month to learn. This requires the owner to have enough patience.

Ample time: Dogs are animals of nature. Lively and active is their nature. The owner must have enough time and energy to take care of them. Many people will “sit back and relax” after buying the pets. Especially the young office workers usually have no time to accompany the dogs, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of the dogs. Dogs need to “communicate” with their owners, especially during the time they first enter their new home. Therefore, keeping pets is not only to satisfy their own desires, but more to see if they can have pets. To give your dog a healthy and growing environment, be cautious when buying.


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